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May 25, 2020... A super special birthday!

Updated: Jun 5

Today was so touching. Trent called me just as I was waking up. We had a really nice visit as he walked around the neighborhood. He told me all about the big Memorial Day neighborhood breakfast he started last year, and how the tradition lives on. I love that. The Stiths, in our ward in South Jordan used to do that, and it was a really fun tradition.

Trent told me about how he and a neighbor started playing pickle ball in their driveways, so he got a net that goes in the middle of the street and they started playing all the time, during quarantine. Other neighbors got involved and tournaments started happening, lol, and now it's all the rage down there. That's so cute, and so Trent. He's the kid who's always loved bringing people together and putting a smile on everyone's faces. He's so special, very much like my Dad. It's funny, I've always said that, and in the last year we all got our DNA done (thanks to Brent :) and it turns out that Trent shares a LOT of my Dad's DNA. It makes me smile, big time.

Just a little aside, last year Brent treated us to DNA kits from 23andMe. We were really eager to learn about our DNA. Lol, it turned out, we learned way more than we expected!

We learned that Bob's dad isn't his father. It came as a major shock, but has ended up bringing us a lot of laughs. His mom took it to her grave, but his Dad is still alive, and was able to fill in a lot of the details. At the time we learned all this, Bob's real father was still alive, but wanted nothing to do with Bob, which was fine. It was maybe easier that way.

But Bob's Dad turned out to be the biggest hero in our world when we learned that he knew Bob's mom was pregnant with another man's child, but chose to marry her to give Bob a name. The story get's even sweeter because she swore him to secrecy and none of her siblings had any idea until Bob broke our news to them.

Then, when Bob was 5, his mom divorced his Dad, and he continued to honor her secret and never said a word. She wasn't very kind toward him and didn't let him see the kids very often, but he paid child support regularly, and continued to until Bob and his little sister were 18.

The news brought tears, of shock, of appreciation, and of joy. We gained a whole new appreciation for his Dad, who chose to be there to give Bob a better life. What an incredible man. It still brings tears when I think of his selfless sacrifice and quiet devotion to serving a little boy who he thought would never know. Yeah. So touching and sweet!!

Tiff and Lance invited us to join them at Pizza Pie Cafe, which was wonderful. I'd only seen them a couple of times during quarantine, but we had to "social distance" ourselves and couldn't get within 6' of each other, which meant no hugs. That was almost heartbreaking. No soft cheeks or anything. It seriously hurt my heart.

So this time, we actually got hugs and squeezes, which melted my heart. I couldn't hold back the sweet tears. It was a happy birthday, filled with joy and so much gratitude. I was overjoyed to be with my baby and her family in a normal way. It was truly wonderful!

We brought the kids home with us to play for a few hours and then headed off to my Mom and Dad's for a bbq.

As we were driving, I got a FaceTime call from Brent, which capped off my day so beautifully. We had a fun conversation, and it was so fun to see and visit with him too. I got to savor another phone call from my other boy. He's up to something, lol. He and Trent both mentioned they were sending us to Park City, and something to do with a balloon ride. Yikes and wheeee! I'm a little scared, but excited. My kids are the sweetest and it was so great to talk to them today. It was awesome and my day was complete.

But there was more. We got to my parents and Kristi and her family were all there, even Kaesi and her 2 kids were there from Houston. It was great to spend time with them all.

My cute dad gave such a tender little speech just before dinner. He talked about his uncle Bob and those close to him who gave their lives for our freedom. You can just feel his passion for them and this country. I love it when he shares his feelings like that. Tiff's boys said it meant a lot to them.

Tiff and Lance joined up with us, we ate and visited and played croquet. We're pretty competitive, so it was a lot of fun. They brought a HUGE bouquet for me too, it was so beautiful and so touching and sweet.

Jameson (Jamo), Ashton, and Kyson (Tiff's cute boys). I love how Kyson tries to be one of the tough guys too. xox

Bob and I sometimes like to see homes and lots up for sale. It's a dumb but fun little waste of time. We got a notice about this lot, that's on a river that was marked down today, so we stopped by to take a look and to see the river behind it on our way home. Ash and Jamo came home with us, to spend the night, so Bob and I got back to the car, where they were playing on a phone and I told them they missed out, there was a cave filled with gold on it we had just seen. Their eyes grew huge, and they ran out of the car to see for themselves. They never made it to the "cave" and ended up sidetracked by this old truck, lol, it was cute. I repented jk, and snapped a pic of them, just being kids. lol

Then we got home, for our sleepover. I love that the kids love to be here with us, that's really special.

They were really good, and we had fun watching a couple of episodes of "I Dream of Jeanie," which was fun.

It was such a wonderful day. I love my fam so much!!



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