• Laurie Vukich

Dear Journal,

It’s me, my thoughts, feelings, life, family, friends and adventures!

So here we go, finally! I kept journals for years.

Then about 15 years ago I got really “smart” about it and decided to transition to a computer. Or so I thought, 😂 sniff sniff. Long story short, it died. Sigh, all of it. Yeah, somehow I ended up losing it. It took the wind out of my sails, so I stopped journaling. But life didn't. It continued to go on.

I thought I'd be able to remember and to catch up, but that gets overwhelming, even during life in quarantine because of COVID 19. Lol, ugh. I actually tried making a journal on my computer again, in pages, so I could add in a few pictures, but couldn't make it work.

But still, I’ve been feeling a need to put my life into words again. I love how therapeutic journal writing can be and believe it can be a treasure and an inspiration to my sweet grandchildren, or a family member who just needs reassurance and hope as they deal with life's challenges someday too.

So I've been praying for some direction.

Then, a couple days ago I was asked to do a shoot with Elder Rasband, for the “Hear Him” Campaign. In this case I believe Heavenly Father "heard" me.

The shoot was touching. but beyond that, I had a conversation with Elder Rasband's wife. She mentioned she journals via a private blog and then prints it once a year.

How brilliant! It hit me hard, as it was truly an answer to my prayers.

So here I go...

This is a picture of our family that we did when all 3 of our kiddos and their families all lived here. It’s got all of our grand babies except Tiffs little Kyson, and Trent’s cute Marley. Actually Marley was there, but just wasn’t born yet. What a beautiful time in our lives. I’ll be forever grateful, I love these sweet peeps so much!



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