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Dear "A Sacrifice of all Things"Cast & Extras,

Thank YOU sooooo much in advance for your help on this show. 

We have a good size cast, but I'm alone to cover Hair & Makeup, so I'll really need your help. I've put together this guide so you can help us obtain the accurate looks we need.


AGING Sfx Makeup, Man 15 years Younger.p

ALL: Bring sunscreen and reapply it every 2 hours. Make sure all tatoos are covered.

Facial Hair

In this time period, Men were mainly clean shaven, wore long mutton chops, or occasional chin straps. If a man had a mustache, it was attached to mutton chops. Beards weren't seen until the 1850's and the westward migration. It was a clean shaven and groomed era, with rare exceptions.

Most of the men (we will be depicting) were church leaders. Even most of the mobsters were civic leaders and would've been clean shaven or groomed facial hair. Even those of lower economic classes would take the time to shave and groom themselves daily, when possible.

We'd LOVE to get a variety of these facial hair looks, so pick what your character had (if known) if not, pick a look you like. If you can shape it before arriving, awesome, if not, we'll take care of it when we see you.


Side Parts, Medium length, just to the nape, no longer..



Center parts. Curls were common, and often even fake.  Women 35 and younger would be more likely to be seen with mid high buns, and lower hanging curls. Women 35+ would tend to have higher curls and higher buns. We will create the looks, but PLEASE  prep your hair beforehand.

You'll need CLEAN hair to get lots of TEXTURE (tight curls all over that need to last all day). 


Please set your hair the night before (on damp hair, if using a heatless method) or before you come (if using heat). Use curling/setting spray or gel for extra hold while curling for either meathod. 

If you have tiny pink foam rollers, electric hot sticks, or benders, they’ll work great too.  Here’s the method for curling it this way:

Or if you can braid, here is a video tutorial of another way to prep the hair, except since we need more curl, please place 4-6 braids from top to bottom instead.) 

Remove any curlers or braids just after you arrive to set. That will help lock in curl.


They didn't wear any makeup in this period, so it's a no-makeup look.

If any makeup is used, it should be invisible to the eye, concealer, light blush, and lip balm. No visible mascara should be used, and NO lash Extensions (unless they are trimmed to look completely natural)

Nails: Please REMOVE all nail polish and fake nails prior to arrival.

Make sure all tatoos are covered.

Bring sunscreen and reapply it every 2 hours.

Thanks so much! 


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