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I started in Interior Design and have come full circle. Maybe because I love it and can't quite not do design. 

After studying Interior Design in college, I worked for Makeoff Design, one of the largest firms in Utah, until I began easing into the film industry. Before long, I worked on hundreds of shows. 

But I guess you never forget your roots. And by accident, we started a vacation rental when our home didn't sell. We renovated, staged it, and filled it with amenities . It is currently rated one of the top AirBnB's in the area.

From there we picked up another, and another, and I began helping others venture down that path as well. Once more, I find myself going full throttle. It has revived a passion within me. It's fun to transform spaces and make them both beautiful and profitable at the same time. So much fun, and so much to share!

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